21 Point business Automation Safety check

The Fact is most businesses don’t follow up effectively, or don’t event follow up at all, Yet more than 95% of Sales are made in the follow up, In fact that’s 95% of sales are after 7 interactions, So if you want more sales, you need to follow up... Automatically

Before you automate

The 7 key elements that all businesses absolutely MUST DO before automating their business

Automatic Follow up

The keys to Automation Success, and creating our automated follow up, to make sure we nurture every single lead. NO GAPS.

Internal follow up

Treat your business like a lead and make sure we follow up wiht those internal stakeholders Automatically. Saving you time to focus on the things you do best

A Bit About Us

Since 2014, Automation Made Easy has been helping to automate businesses just like yours to save time, money and sanity. We specialise in using automation to help your business succeed and stand out in your industry.. 

Our Core Values below are what makes us tick, it’s how we get jobs done on time, it’s how we help our customers to success and how we continually enjoy what we do. Small businesses are not an easy ride, they take effort, concentration, skills, dedication and most importantly TIME. Time spent being ‘everything’ in your small business spreads you thin. It can be stressful, however those successes are so rewarding. We are here to help reduce the time factor and make whatever we can easier with Automation.


The Process of Automating your business is not sexy, the resultant time and lifestyle that it brings however is!

– Jason Buckner, Automation Made Easy